Outstanding Properties, Italian Lifestyle

We are a multi-task team of professionals with a long term experience in our own fields (luxury real estate, communication, marketing) linked by the same philosophy of life as well as by a very special ‘mission’: to make you fall in love.

Not with a new partner, of course, but with a new living concept and lifestyle.

We do believe that a house is “not only walls” but a lively ensemble in continuous evolution: a unique place where different views, needs and desires meet together seeking a balance not always easy to achieve.   Our exciting job is to help our clients find their perfect home as well as create a charming & cozy atmosphere, unmistakably ‘theirs’.
Our team can be at your side throughout the process of finding and realizing your dream home on Lake Como and in Italy: exclusive properties, historic mansions and luxury villas, at your choice. A solid investment, with a heart.   More. We can offer you a wide range of services in the field of home and living, reflecting your personality and lifestyle.   Our reputation for reliability, confidentiality, creativity and enthusiasm make us the ideal partner to embark on a fascinating journey at the discovery of new living solutions and unique atmospheres.